Spatial and Temporal History

I found this week’s practicum activities really helpful in showcasing the types of tools we can employ as digital historians to visually tell a story that happens over time and across geographic space. I’m really pleased with the look of everything I created. I fully recognize that these are very basic versions of these tools and I would like to explore these tools more in-depth and really see what their advanced functions can do.

Below are the products I created.

Timeline of Jim Crow in Virginia.

I found the spreadsheet tedious to fill in to create the timeline. But I tend to think that way of all spreadsheets, so we’ll chock that up to user bias.

My Story Map

Click here to link to my story map on Early Civil Rights Activism in Virgina for a better view. It bothers me a lot that you can’t see everything in the same screen when it’s embedded in a blog. I know there are ways to make it a little smaller and I played around a little. Is the problem that my pictures are too large?

CartoDB Map

I found this program to be the trickiest to work with. I was also feeling rather uncreative by the time I was able to start working on this map. I don’t feel that my topic is very well served by these maps or at least I haven’t thought of any data that I feel needs to be mapped and analyzed. I mapped a few points in Alexandria, VA that are important to the area’s African-American history. I focused particularly on black schools that existed in the city. There wasn’t a black high school for Alexandria students until 1950. If black students wanted to continue past 8th grade they had to travel into Washington D.C.

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2 Responses to Spatial and Temporal History

  1. Lacey says:

    Your topic is very interesting! I was intrigued especially by your timeline. I grew up in Indiana so the exact history of Jim Crow in specifically Virginia was not a focused topic in the classroom.
    I agree on the difficulties with CartoDB. I was not sure at first what data to really use for my project. Even after I found some points to map, I cannot currently see an questions arising from it like our readings suggested would happen.

  2. I had similar issues when using CartoDB. I see the potential of it, but there are definitely some limitations when it comes to subject matter or if you have a very specific question already in mind.

    Your StoryMap and Timeline are impressive! Both tools work well with your focus.

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