Another reason to love Google?

My type project

I wrote last week about how much I really liked as a place to grab fonts. However, for my typography page, I ended up using Google fonts. I ended up really liking 2 fonts I found through Google and I found the system to use their fonts very simple.

One hiccup I did encounter was easily fixed. I used Google’s instructions to add the code to the ” head” of the html on Dreamweaver by copying and pasting.

link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’

When I first put this in, I kept getting errors from Dreamweaver. After some troubleshooting, I realized all you have to do to fix this is replace all of the single quotes with  double quotes and the problem is solved.

It should read:

link href= rel=stylesheet type=text/css

Overall, I found adding different fonts this way very easy. The other parts of HTML and CSS are not as simple and I’m still struggling a little to get everything do as I want.

I commented on Pearl’s and Jenna’s blogs.


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3 Responses to Another reason to love Google?

  1. Pearl Harris-Scott says:

    Amy – I had the exact same problem – I’m not sure if having the correct punctuation marks would mess up the display on another website (or if this is a convention that is ‘understood’ within the coding community?) but it confused the heck out of me too…

  2. Kater says:

    Thanks for the information. I was also having the same problem, and was frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t fix it. I did notice that Google Fonts was quite a bit different from the tutorial, as it had been updated.

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