Dingbats and Color Palettes

I spent some time finishing the site from last class. I’m pretty excited that I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the HTML and CSS basics. A huge thank you to Mark and Pearl for sharing their tips with the class.

I decided to play with the colors for the site and change the color palette using one of the tools from this week’s readings.

I used Mudcube Colour Sphere by starting with a color I liked and building a palette around it. I was really excited that these tools exist because I am constantly second guessing myself when it comes to color schemes and need some help to determine if colors really go well together.

I figured out how to get a dingbat into the subheadings though I’m not sure how to keep the dingbat one color and the font another. (Also, I just can’t type dingbat with a straight face.)


I commented on Lacey’s post.

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6 Responses to Dingbats and Color Palettes

  1. Claire Hanrahan says:

    I really like the way your page turned out. It’s very creative. I didn’t do anything different from how she was going to have it done in class, I was feeling uncreative. Mudcube Colour Sphere was a good read and I’m glad you shared it!

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  3. Theana says:

    Hi Amy! Wow! I love your columbine page! Mine turned out pretty basic but I love the fact that you made it blue :) I had problems with the dingbat too, wasn’t sure what code to use and how to make it work but after a good googling, I managed to figure it out! Well done

  4. Really,great post.Thank you so much for sharing helpful post.

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