Hand Coloring and Vignetting

I’m getting the hang of this Photoshop stuff!

So far I have been focusing on hand-coloring a photo. I vignetted it as well and I like how the two techniques really make the subject stand out.

Here’s the original. I chose a photo of the young German girl to whom my great-grandfather sent packages. I would say she’s probably about 7 years old here.


Here’s the after:


I used the lasso tool to select the pieces I wanted to color and then used hue/saturation to color them. I’m not sure what happened on the bottom of the dress. I couldn’t fix it but decided not to sweat the small stuff. I first tried to color using the paintbrush tool, but I found the other technique to have a more realistic look. The lasso tool seems to pick up the shading in the folds of the dress better than the paintbrush. I also decided to keep the background in black and white because I liked the way she stands out.

I’m still working on the other techniques. But I feel accomplished having gotten this far!

I commented on Jenna’s and Tammy’s blogs.


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  1. Jenna Scholz says:

    Good job! I love the blue! I haven’t tried the vignette yet, you’ll have to show us how it’s done.

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