Photoshop ills and survey potential

I spent some time working on my site set-up this week. Photoshop skills still elude me. I’m trying to make a header with two images blended or gradiented together. But despite watching several tutorials (all of which have way different advice) my final product still looks like two pictures next to each other. And it took me an embarrassingly long time to even get this. Sighh…

Dresden, zerstĖ†rtes Stadtzentrum

Any thoughts on a way to accomplish this?

I watched the tutorial on the polls and surveys and I actually think I could add a survey that would add to the “interactiveness” of my final project. I would love to provide a space where visitors could discuss their experiences after WWII, particularly if they sent or were the recipients of CARE packages. I could create a page where survey responses could be posted to further the interpretation of this story. Surprisingly there is little scholarship of the impact of this program. Most postwar aid scholarship looks at the government run Marshall Program or the Truman Doctrine. CARE was a collaboration of 22 private American aid agencies. This changing space could also increase visitor motivation to return to the site.



I commented on Josh’s blog.

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2 Responses to Photoshop ills and survey potential

  1. Kater says:

    Maybe if you had a grey buffer area and fade out of one into grey then into the other?

  2. Jenna Scholz says:

    Nice! It’s getting there! Sounds like a great idea, I know I’d never heard of it before. Do you think the WWII Museum mentions the program?

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