It’s taking shape!

My final site is starting to take shape. I did some very scientific user testing. Ok really, I had my roommate take a look and play around on the site. But she said it’s very easy to figure out and she liked the look of it. YAY!

I’m pretty proud of the structure I have, especially for the translated letters. On the pages with the letters, I have a side bar that lists the letters in chronological date. I have a lot more to do like add captions to photos, allow users to click on a photo to make it better, add footnotes, etc. But as I’m presenting tomorrow night, the little edits will have to wait.

The one thing I’m still considering is how much analysis I give to the translated letters. At this point, I’m leaning towards simply posting the letters and allowing users to make their own connections. Thoughts?

I commented on Danielle’s blog.

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3 Responses to It’s taking shape!

  1. Lacey says:

    Your project is coming together nicely! I really like what he have done with the background colors. Thinking back to what you had asked last week, I think some kind of blending needs to be done on the header image, or choosing one over the other. Also, possibly incorporating the H1 in the image or at least putting it above the header image. I think that would separate the heading and navigation nicely. Lastly, I think the letters may benefit from indicating which family it is from. This would be obvious to you, but a visitor to the site would need to go back and check the names like I did.

  2. Joshua Catalano says:

    This is a really nice project. I love your textured background. It is a nice touch. Your navigation is simple and straightforward. The content is interesting. Well done!

  3. Jenna Scholz says:

    Good job Amy!! It looks great! I really like your header font – do you plan on carrying that through the navigation? I think that would pull it together more. Very cool idea to ask for people’s stories. How did you do that?

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